Void Haunter

Name: Void Haunter Rank: 5 Nature: Evil
Void Haunters are fetid parasitical phantoms that move around at the shadowy fringes of awareness; encouraging and inviting psychic contact so that they can infiltrate the vulnerable minds of their quarry.
STR: 55 BP: 75
DEX: 45 DR: 3
LOG: 25 INIT: 1
WIL: 85 MOV: 6 Travel: 15 leagues

Gifts from the Umbrae: all non-magical weapons do half damage; immune to Cold, Heat, Transform and Charm
Move through shadow: these creatures move freely through shadows, darkened regions, and other zones related to the Umbrae. Physical barriers mean nothing to these writhing horrors.
Banished by light: the presence of bright light will cause a Void Haunter to react as if under the effects of a Repel spell cast by a level 5 spellcaster.
Abyssal Gaze: 65%; range 0 (line 6); resist WIL; duration continuous; effect paralyzed
Void Haunters forcibly possess victims by a form of invasive telepathic in an attempt to dominate passersby. A successful Suggestion will result in the Void Haunter taking over the victim's body. Should the host be reduced to 0 BP or less, the creature will withdraw and attempt to possess some other candidate.
Mental Drain: 85%; range 3; resist WIL (-5% per turn of drain); duration continuous; effect 1D+4(bypasses DR)
Void Haunters will attack with their Gaze attack until such time as they feel they can score an easy strike with their translucent tentacles. Should the Void Haunter’s tentacles hit their target, the victim must make a Mental Resistance check or have the creature consume their emotions. This effect persists for each turn that the victim fails a Resistance check.

Void Haunters are vaguely sentient, pseudomorphic manifestations of smoky non-light summoned from the deepest abysses of Umbrae by magicks long forgotten. They dwell within the great shadows of ancient hollows, underground ravines, and bottomless chasms; seeking to make puppets out of those ignorant of their true nature, and foolish enough to open themselves up to these horrid leechlike creatures.

For brief moments Void Haunters can solidify into semi-incorporeal masses of luminous tentacles if they choose to, usually when attacking. These wraithlike apparitions tend to give forth flashes of light and oscillate in response to any observer's movements - as though it was aware of those observing them - sparkling and glittering like diamonds coruscating in the candlelight.

Should the one of these gelid appendages touch their target, it begins to infiltrate the flesh and drain away their emotions. Void Haunters instinctually scavenge the mind for fragments of emotional sensations and feed from the psychic energies found. They are attracted in particular to begrudging memories, suppressed anger, and deeply buried hatred – resentment and jealousy is sweet nectar to them and their instinct drives them to seek it out in all its myriad forms.