BareBones Fantasy RPG conversions

7th Sea

Discussion is in the CrossedBones forum post, PDF link below.

7th SeaBBF Conversion 2.0.pdf1.03 MB

Arda Player's Guide

Arda player's guide includes

  • Map
  • Locations details
  • Beliefs concerning the gods
  • List of Arda gods
  • Centaurs, Dwarves, Elves, Fire Naga, Giants, Gnomes, Goblins (which grow from whelps, goblin, hobgoblins), Humans, Mer, Orcs, Satyrs.
  • Lots of interesting gear, includes gunpowder
  • Brief history
  • Random Weather

Link to Google Document


Discussion and files here:

Dragon Age Conversion

Taking largely from my one page Savage Worlds Dragon Age conversion, here is a one page set of guidelines for playing in Thedas, the Dragon Age setting.

Discussion here.

Dragon Age for BareBones Fantasy.pdf273.59 KB

Riders - A Game about bikes, home, family, and crime

A conversion for Covert Ops to run a game loosely inspired by the TV Show Sons of Anarchy. It is still very rough but I would welcome any suggestions, ideas, and feedback before I polish it up further. I am especially interested in your opinion on the new skills and the town and MC rules. I hope you enjoy.

Current Version: V0.01 22.02.2014

  • Towns as Characters
  • Clubs as Characters
  • New Skills: Hitter, Mechanic, Shooter
  • Other skills amended to fit the setting
riders_v01.pdf232.17 KB

Thief Gold Hack

Hack based on Thief, the PC Game. Current version 05.04.2014

New in Version 2

  • Skills remade, Warrior added
  • Changed Blackjack use
  • Some Typos and errors fixed
  • New Bestiary!
thiefhack_v2.pdf555.52 KB

Wyrdland: BareBones Sword and Sorcery

Conversion for my own homegame, that is more Sword & Sorcery then High Fantasy. Only contains information about the homebrew races and changes to the Spellcaster Skill. New Specializations for the Spellcaster: Wyldmage, Priest, Spiritist, Sorcerer

Current version: 05.04.2014

New in Version 3

  • Added Spells from the Spell Cards
  • Added new Specialization

Discussion Thread

Wyrdland3.pdf1.1 MB