BBF Home Print Book

By Brock Cusick)

My +BareBones RPG, printed. 5 sections of 16 pages, stapled and scotch taped. Not the most timeless binding method, but I wasn't gonna spend the time on thread yet.

But this is cool. Two guys made their own little game, I got it online, and printed it at home. I bet this is how D&D would have gone if Gary and Dave published today. We live in a Golden Age of RPGs when anyone can do this.

(Larger version)

How to print

  1. Open the Adobe reader print settings, and select booklet printing.
  2. Print the cover page by itself.
  3. Starting with pages 3-18, print the remaining 80 pages in five 16 page sections (19-34, 35-50, 51-66 and 67-80).
  4. Taking each of the five sections, and fold the pages in half. You should have five small little booklets.
  5. Staple each of your five booklets along the binding. I used three staples each.
  6. Lay your five booklets on top of each other in the correct order, and then get your scotch tape.
  7. Pinch the booklets together as tightly as you can, and then scotch tape the binding into one book.
  8. Open the book between sections, and use more scotch tape to bind them to each other on the inside.
  9. Fold your cover page in half, so the picture is facing inwards. Now tape that to the front of your book along the binding edge.
  10. Lastly, wrap the blank page left over from your cover around to the back. It will come about an eighth of an inch shy of where it needs to be to be flush with the other pages. That's the best you can do. Now just fold it back at the binding and apply your last piece of tape.

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